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Lab Regulation

Unix-OpenLAB is a share environment, other members eagering to learn knowledge the same as you  may login to the same device and in his middle way of LAB. Your behavior will affect the other students. Consider the others, be a great LAB player.

The following Violation will be tracked and recorded, severe violation cause LAB malfunction will be terminated and BAN to use UNIX-OpenLAB. Before you apply Unix-OpenLab Account, you agree to comply the Public law & Open-LAB lab regulation.  The following violation is not allowed:

  • Reboot server device without the permission of LAB supervisor and not in your LAB plan.
  • Modify the OS kernel, library, system parameter and other core setting beyond your LAB outline
  • Modify the other user access maliciously, or manipulate the other user cause the other members faild to login.
  • Lend or transer user access to other unregister person. Unix-OpenLab account is not for share or transferable.

Dear Valued Customer:

  • For your privacy, Paypal is the favouritest payment methodlology because it hiden your profile behind Paypal.

  • For register or inquiry, call us at 1-416-4177686 or
  • Book LAB online is safe for your privacy.The credit card info is kept in the secure merchant provider instead of us.

To Apply a Palpal account, go to, 中文用户请使用:贝宝支付
If you have no Paypal account, the online-register will accept credit card or bank payment, but these credit or bank card
and its associated Email information must not shown in a registered Paypal account.
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