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Operating System Foundation Architect and Deployment

  • Sun Solaris architect & emplementation. Solaris virtualization: zone, LDOM, domain, Virtual-Box.
  • IBM-AIX  deployment, LVM, HACMP, wPar and lPar implementation
  • RHEL-RedHat Enterprise architect and deployment, RHEL virtualization and cluster. uDev
  • HP-UX OS instllation on HP/9000.  HP-Blade Server and Virtual Connect deployment.
  • Implementation of private cloud, VMware on HP-Blade server and VMware on UCS Blade.

Enterprise Backup Platform Design and Implementation

  • Backup System architect, design, implementation
  • Fiber Switch interconnect and fabric zoning
  • Master and media server strategy and deployment
  • VERITAS NETBACKUP installation, configuring and upgrading
  • Backup policy strategy, pure disk dedupe, Vault
  • Netbackup Database Agent and advice client deploy
  • Backup via SAN over Ethernet network
  • Onsite support and trouble shooting, Onsite training

Cluster and Global Cluster architect and implementation

  • Local cluster design & implementation on Solaris, AIX, Linux and HP-UX
  • Metro cluster desigan & implementation on Solaris, AIX, Linux and HP-UX
  • Global cluster designa & implemenetion on Solaris, HP-UX and AIX system
  • Data replication and Disaster Recover strategy and implementaiton.
  • Cluster share storage architect and implemnetion.
  • Replicating cluster deploy without share storage
  • Active-Passive cluster and Active-Active Cluster Strategy.
  • Application cluster and IP anycoast.

SAN Architect and Deployment

  • Edge SAN and Virtual SAN
  • Multi-protocol fabric router, Brocade Fabric zoning
  • FC, FCIP, iSCSI and Fibre Channel Over Ethernet(FCoE)
  • EMC CLARiiON and Symmetrix disk array configuration.
  • SUN STK disk array configuration.
  • Hitachi HDS disk array configuriaton.

Enterprise Database Installation and deployment

  • Oracle system architect, design and installation, Oracle backup/restore strategy. Replication strategy: stream and goldengate replication.
  • Oracle RAC implementation base on ASM/ClusterWare or VERITAS Storage Founcation in Solaris or RHEL-Red Hat Linux.
  • Sybase and Informix database deployment and backup/restore strategy.
  • DB2 and MS-SQL database installation and backup/restore strategy.
  • SAP and Lotus/Domino database installation and backup/restore strategy.